By Adrian Popovici, Zsolt Vadaszi, Adrian Margin, Hannes Kruppa

Image Collection Using KartaView

A few years ago, we realised a strong demand to better understand the streets where our driver-partners and consumers go, with the purpose to better fulfil their needs and also, to quickly adapt ourselves to the rapidly changing environment in the…

By Amar Prakash


At Grab, the Lending team is focused towards building products that help finance various segments of users, such as Passengers, Drivers, or Merchants, based on their needs. The team builds products that enable users to avail funds in a seamless and hassle-free way. In order to achieve this, multiple lending…

By Amar Jain

Grab a coffee ☕️, sit back and enjoy reading. 😃

Wanna know how we improved our app’s build time performance and developer experience at Grab? Continue reading…

Where it all began

Imagine you are working on an app that grows continuously as more and more features are added to it, it becomes challenging to…

By Elisa Monacchi, Wan Ling Guai, Suman Anand


The Grab support team plays a key role in ensuring our users receive support when things don’t go as expected or whenever there are questions on our products and services.

In the past, when users required real-time support, their only option was to call our hotline and wait in the…

By Sourabh Suman, Adarsh Koyya, ChandanKumar Agarwal


Market-Store is an in-house developed general purpose feature store that is used to serve real-time computed machine learning (ML) features. Market-Store has a stringent SLA around latency, throughput, and availability as it empowers ML models, which are used in Dynamic Pricing and Consumer Experience.


As Grab continues to grow, introducing…


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